Earlier this year we launched our online shop http://shop.betterbirthing.org.uk and this last week we had one of the anti stretch butter reviewed for us by Rowena Roberts. Below is her review and since it is such an excellent review we thought that for the remainder of September we will offer a special price on the anti stretch butter in our online shop with 20% off the product! So why not sit back with a cup of tea, read the review then skip on over to our shop and order yours today! It is so much more than an anti stretch butter as Rowena mentions, you find yourself bonding with baby, creating wonderful oxytocin and just taking time out to enjoy your pregnancy. So without further ado, below is our latest review, many thanks Rowena:

It’s great to live in this world of information, where practically anything you need to know is there at your fingertips (once they’re on a keyboard and you’re logged into Google). But it can be a little overwhelming, too.

Take pregnancy. Over the past 22 weeks (and counting), I’ve been instructed on all sorts of activities and rituals that I should or could be undertaking in order to prepare my body for bump, birth and beyond. Possibly the weirdest tip to date was from my mum, who told me that throughout pregnancy I should take a soft-bristled hairbrush and brush my nipples a few times each night. Supposedly this will toughen them up in preparation for the rigours of breastfeeding. If you have a weirder pre-bedtime activity, let me know!

Far more soothing has been my latest habit of rubbing Vital Touch Natalia’s perinatal anti-stretch butter into my body. I thought that I would quickly get bored with this task, as I’ve always been rather impatient and negligent when it comes to beauty regimes, but in fact I’ve found it enjoyable and, in a strange way, reassuring.

The fact is that pregnancy makes you slow down and pay more attention to your body in so many ways. Looking after it is no longer something that you’re doing purely for selfish or superficial reasons, as a solitary guilty pleasure, but is part and parcel of your task to give your little sprog or sproglette a pleasant and nourishing experience in the womb. If you feel good, the chances are that baby feels good, too. What could be better than that?

Back to the butter… I’ve taken to rubbing this into my belly and surrounding areas while lying in bed every evening. This is a different experience from my other new routine of applying shea body butter after showering, which should be good for my dry skin, but is a speedier (and slightly stickier) undertaking as I get ready for the day ahead.

With the anti-stretch butter I take my time, using it as part of a bonding ritual with my burgeoning bump, sometimes humming or chatting to the baby as I do so. It helps that the butter is beautifully scented with essential oils of mandarin, lavender, neroli and frankincense – all highly soothing aromas. When I looked up details on these oils (thank you again, Google), I was interested to learn that frankincense is often used in different religions to anoint newborn infants, or people who are transitioning into a new phase of their life. How very appropriate.

Initially quite hard when you scoop it out of the jar, the butter quickly softens on contact with warm skin and rubs in easily, without any lingering stickiness. It’s ethically produced, hand-blended and made from natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about unscrupulous business practices, or any hidden nasties on your skin.

The product information claims that it boosts skin elasticity and improves the appearance of stretch marks. While I can’t testify to its effect on stretch marks just yet (fingers crossed!), it certainly seems to eases the tightness that I have started to feel occasionally around my belly. Perhaps this is purely psychological; perhaps it’s more to do with the effects of massage, who knows. Either way, it feels good to me – and perhaps that translates into my sproglette feeling good, too. As expectant mums, we can but hope.

By Rowena Roberts, freelance writer and first-time mum-to-be