This week’s Keep Britain Breast Feeding post is about support, who to go to, why it’s important and when to ask for support. Dont forget to enter the competition for the hunt at the bottom of this page. Leave a comment telling me where you find/found your support.

I did not want this week’s post to be a list of who to go to, where to find contact numbers, lets face it with the internet and Google, twitter and Facebook, we are all pretty able to find information out fairly easily.  What we don’t always know how to do is to ask for help and actually admit we need support from someone! We are strange like that, especially as women. We won’t say ‘Oh I need help badly, I am really finding this hard’. Instead we will keep quiet and battle on, keeping things inside of us all the time that we may be surrounded by people in the same situation and people who can and will help us…. if we ask! It may be something as trivial as ‘is my baby getting enough milk’ or ‘Why is my baby not taking both breasts, he did yesterday?’ What ever it may be you have help around you.

One of the main aims in my own antenatal sessions and when supporting a woman is to show her that she has the skills and ability to find this support and to recognise good support and the support that drives us mad, like the aunt going on about baby being hungry because he always has his hands in his mouth! Here is a little anagram  devised for mums to help them with support in those early days of breastfeeding:

S – Safe – is it a place/person you feel safe in or with. You may not feel that standing in the busy chemist is a ‘safe’ place for you to be describing your cracked nipples or concerns about your baby’s bowel movement. You are given so much advice when you are expecting and even more when your little one arrives, becareful who you listen to. Find a person that you consider ‘safe’ and trust and use them as a starting point and sounding board. You do NOT have to take all advice that you are given and it really helps to have someone who you know their background and can lean on them.

U – Use - Use your instinct and trust it! We often overlook the fact that we actually know what we need to do as we are so swayed by books, articles and advice from all around. Trust your instinct and listen to it,  more often than not you will know if something is right or needs outside help.

P – Person- Find a person just one, a breastfeeding buddy who you can buddy up with and call and compare notes so to speak.  Call each other, encourage each other and meet up often for tea and a good laugh or cry! There is truth in the saying ‘ a problem shared is a problem halved!’

P -Professional – There are tons of professionals that can help you out.  A good place to start would be your local La Leche League, most have meet ups and they are great for meeting other mums and reconnecting with the ‘real’ world. You can also find breastfeeding cafes and bumps and babies sessions in your area, the NCT run a few and they are really excellent for their support.  Of course you can talk to your GP, health visitor or a breastfeeding counselor in your area who can either help you or point you in the right direction.

O- Open- Be open and honest with yourself. It is normal to need a little help with breastfeeding in those early days and NOBODY is judging you at all.

R- Rest- Get some rest! Motherhood can and is tiresome and often when you are tired things appear as HUGE problems when in fact they are manageable, you just need to be rested and have a clear mind.

T – Talk – Talk talk talk talk! To your partner, friends, professionals and never feel that any issue is too small or too silly. It is all relevant and it is better to talk it out and work it out.

Thank you for reading and happy breastfeeding!

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